Therapy Clam Forest

Calm Forest Aroma Oil
Size: 20 ml.

Eucalyptus & Geranium
This clean and calming scent is based on Eucalyptus, Patchouli, White Grape a hint of Lavender and rose Geranium. You will feel intrigued, your mind will calm and your home will get a relaxing spa-scent powered by the pure eucalyptus and the floral geranium.

A lot of people call this The Therapy signature scent. We may agree - and we made because we love the forest. It?s our hiding place. Here we find peace. And space. And room for thoughts. The whispers from the treetops and the strength of nature makes us calm.
All this we have tried to distill within this scent.

Calm Forest aroma oil is made from pure ingredients. Shake the bottle well and apply a few drops into a suitable aroma burner mixed with water. Or use the aroma oil directly on cold lavastones.
No17 Therapy Aroma oil comes in a special made box. Practical if you want to restore it - or you can use the box for other small items.
Contains 20 ml

DKK 395,-

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Therapy No 17  - Therapy Clam Forest

  • Therapy No 17  - Therapy Clam Forest
  • Therapy No 17  - Therapy Clam Forest